The members of the pre-selection jury will evaluate the buildings on the basis of the FIBRA Award application forms, by answering the 6 following questions:

  • Is the building adapted to the current climatic, energy and societal context and to future developments?
  • Is the building harmoniously integrated with its surroundings?
  • Does the building bring benefits to its location and its inhabitants?
  • Is the building efficient from the point of view of eco-responsibility?
  • Are the technical solutions implemented in the building relevant and innovative?
  • Does the building store carbon?

Detailed analyses of the shortlisted buildings prepared by ETH Zurich will be available to the members of the final jury. The winners will be selected according to 20 criteria based on the 4 pillars of sustainable development:

The building is made from local materials and fits into its surroundings.

The building contributes to the personal growth and social development of its occupants and of local inhabitants.

The building helps to preserve cultural heritage and to pass on its values

The building strengthens community self-reliance and enhances the use of local resources.