The entries will be classified according to the following 5 categories:

1- Load-bearing / Crossing
Examples: walls and frameworks made of bamboo or reed, load-bearing straw walls, etc.

2- Closing / Separating
Examples: walls in earth and fibers or plant-based concrete, woven palm partitions, rattan railings, etc.

3- Insulating / Forming
Examples: insulation materials made of straw, hemp, flax, coconut fibers, etc.; lost formworks made of bamboo, reed, wooden fiberboard, etc.

4- Filtering / Shading
Examples: sunshade wall of braided stalks, openwork bamboo walls, bamboo moucharaby, wicker installations, etc.

5- Cladding / Covering
Examples: roofs and cladding made of thatch, grass, seaweed, palms, canes; rattan cladding, etc.

Living plants may qualify as plant fiber-based construction as long as they play a decisive role in the structure of the buildings or their bioclimatic performance.