Walls made of hemp lime or bales of load-bearing straw, bamboo frames, reed roofing and cladding, wicker railings…, the exhibition brings together the 50 finalist buildings of the FIBRA Award and reveals all these plant fibre materials with great structural capacities and high thermal and hygrometric performances.

Present FIBRA exhibition

The FIBRA exhibition is designed to adapt to the places where it is held. Depending on the space available, we build together a particular scenography that can include all or some of the following elements:

  • 50 detailed panels of the finalists for the FIBRA Award,
  • 10 detailed panels of vernacular architecture,
  • 6 comic strip boards presenting construction techniques,
  • prototypes on a scale of 1 showing to see and touch the fibres used,
  • 5 tables of matters/materials/tools,
  • scientific and site videos,
  • furniture or design objects.

In parallel with the FIBRA exhibition, an exhibition presenting only the panels of the 50 finalists of the FIBRA Award as well as the comic strips is broadcast by Museo Expositions


From September 25 to November 17     FIBRA Architectures, Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Paris, France
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Images of the exhibition