The FIBRA Award was inspired by the success of the TERRA Award 2016, the first International Prize for Contemporary Earthen Architecture, which has been the subject of more than 100 articles in the national and international press. The exhibition, comprising the works of the 40 finalists, has already been presented at more than 30 venues and continues to travel across several continents.

This new award is part of FIBRA International, an event that brings synergy among several activities on bio-based materials, including an international conference for professionals and researchers (FIBRA Innovation), organized by BioBuild Concept.

FIBRA International also brings visibility to many associated regional, national and international events: Rencontres du Réseau français de la construction paille (Meetings of the French Network for Straw Building), Rencontres régionales de la construction paille (Regional Meetings on Straw Building) in Hauts-de-France, Congrès national du bâtiment durable 2018 (2018 National Conference on Sustainable Building), Rendez-vous des écomatériaux (Meeting on Ecomaterials) in Quebec, Bellastock 2019, OFF du DD 2019 (2019 Side Event on Sustainable Development), etc.